A team of online thinkers and leaders

With years of combined experience, different cultural backgrounds, and a cross-generational influence, our team at Wispa has a thorough understanding of the marketing landscape, both online and off. Together, we have a clear view of the future of the industry and are able to provide unique insights to best serve our clients’ needs.


We see our clients as partners and adopt a team approach to providing solutions. Through building relationships, we have served clients large and small and have been successful across a wide range of industries.

We believe that success in the digital age requires a specialist set of skills to embrace the “new” consumer. Our team meets that challenge with strategic expertise, an open-minded approach, tactical know-how, and a hands-on style of service.

Meet Our executive team

Ryan Falkoff

Ryan Falkoff

Managing Director

As Managing Director and founder of Wispa, Ryan’s main passion is helping brands identify and go after new opportunities online. A keen observer of new online trends and business models, Ryan brings practical experience, expertise and unique ideas in the digital space, to ensure clients’ brands successfully navigate this channel.

When he’s not registering new domain names, Ryan loves to travel and explore; often veering off the beaten track to broaden his experiences.

Jeff Falkoff

Jeff Falkoff


Jeff brings a wealth of marketing and business experience to his role as Wispa’s Director. After working on both the agency and the client side on international brands, Jeff has a unique insight into how to make brands break through the clutter. His “big business” thinking, combined with traditional advertising and digital know-how, means he plays a vital role in Wispa’s integrated online services.

Jeff remembers the days when he’d sip on a good strong coffee while reading the newspaper. He still loves his coffee, but gets his news online.