When it comes to social networking, both B2B and B2C businesses can play a significant role in building relationships with existing and potential customers online. At Wispa, we’re big believers that success can be generated from genuine interactions with customers and fans online; especially when your strategy is clearly defined and translated into a compelling and meaningful social media purpose (and presence).


From Facebook to Twitter, LinkedIn to YouTube, Blogs to other Content Sharing Networks, a powerful social media marketing campaign will help you reach customers across multiple platforms in order to get your brand noticed, begin building richer customer relationships, and generate more sales leads through word of mouth advertising.

With strategy, creativity and a commitment to consistency, Wispa’s professional approach will help you translate social media marketing into significant growth and ROI for your business, whilst mobilising new levels of awareness and customer engagement.


Whether you’re a large organisation looking to maximise positioning potential, or a local business looking to drive word of mouth, Wispa can assist you to strategically plan and implement an effective social media marketing program from the ground up – or work with you to improve your current strategy.

We can assist you to gain the powerful insights required for successful network selection and more effective campaign planning and targeting. Furthermore, we can assist you to implement, manage and fine-tune your campaign on an ongoing basis.

Social Media Marketing

What we offer

Social Media Strategy | Social Media Marketing Sydney

Social Media Strategy

Maximising your social media opportunity with a well-formulated strategy and clearly defined plan for building your brand via this channel.

Profile Setup & Optimisation | Social Media Marketing Sydney

Profile Setup & Optimisation

Professionally setting up and optimising your social media profiles and ensuring you're equipped to start building your brand online.

Advanced Fan Pages & Apps | Social Media Marketing Sydney

Advanced Fan Pages & Apps

Capitalizing on powerful, feature-rich solutions to ensure your social pages are working harder and maximising customer engagement.

Social Ads Campaigns | Social Media Marketing Sydney

Social Ads Campaigns

Creating powerful social advertising campaigns within social networks to reach your target customers and increase conversion.

Campaign Management | Social Media Marketing Sydney

Campaign Management

Working to coordinate all aspects of your social media campaign to ensure consistency, tactical interactions and ongoing optimisation.

Fan & Follower Acquisition | Social Media Marketing Sydney

Fan & Follower Acquisition

Building your fan bases online via database marketing, seeding, targeting, promotion, advocacy and other word-of mouth advertising strategies.

Content Development | Social Media Marketing Sydney

Content Development

Creating valuable social media content to engage, inform and entertain your online audiences, whilst encouraging conversation and content sharing.

Interactive Promotions | Social Media Marketing Sydney

Interactive Promotions

Launching interactive campaigns and promotions via social media to build brand awareness, conduct research, generate leads and drive traffic.

Social Media Monitoring | Social Media Marketing Sydney

Social Media Monitoring

Continuously optimising the success of your social media campaign and brand footprint by listening, learning, measuring and discovering.

Social Media Training | Social Media Marketing Sydney

Social Media Training

Providing you with the guidance, consultancy and hands-on training that is required to effectively manage your social media strategy.

Influencer Reach Out | Social Media Marketing Sydney

Influencer Reach Out

Identifying, reaching out to, and getting the attention of key influencers online to push your message or advocate your idea.

Word of Mouth Marketing | Social Media Marketing Sydney

Word of Mouth Marketing

Conceptualising and implementing online viral marketing ideas and strategies to generate buzz and drive positive word of mouth advertising.

Content & Video Marketing | Social Media Marketing Sydney

Content & Video Marketing

Creating and sharing valuable marketing content and video across the social networks to promote expertise and drive qualified leads.

Auto-Posting & Responders | Social Media Marketing Sydney

Auto-Posting & Responders

Automating aspects of your social media campaign to ensure timely publishing of content and triggered communication responses on specific actions.