Customer Engagement Agency


Wispa is a Customer Engagement Agency specialising in building long-term customer relationships


We recognise that the online world provides a unique opportunity for your business to build long-term customer relationships.

Based in Sydney and operating worldwide, Wispa is well positioned to provide you with the services required to build your brand online and integrate well with your other marketing activities.

We specialise in developing online brand environments and delivering strategic customer engagement programs. With creative talent and a flair for innovation, we will assist you in acquiring new customers and retaining your existing customers longer.

Through executing personal and engaging customer experiences we will help you to build brand value, elicit a meaningful response from your customers, and ensure that they are whispering about your brand!



What’s in a name


To Wispa is to entice your customers to lean forward, pay attention and become engaged in a conversation that is clear, personal and powerful.


We’re driven


Customer Engagement is our core focus and we believe we are pioneering a new agency model that is appropriate for the needs of clients in the 21st century.

Our model is suitable to clients who want a solution that is tailored to their customers; whose new interests, passions, and daily habits serve as our guide.

We have a deep understanding of online and offline marketing, the creative landscape and the applications that fuel it.



How We Deliver


The Wispa philosophy is to filter information to create simple solutions.

Strategy drives our creativity, which is in turn supported by technology. Our strategy evolves through technology!

With fresh thinking and new ideas, we try to understand “What do customers want?” 

The need to communicate with customers inspires our creativity and we love experimenting, crafting and connecting with them in ways that are new and exciting.

We extend ourselves to meet the challenges we create and the end result is a fusion of everybody’s best work.

We deliver solutions that reach beyond our clients’ expectations, and in turn, it inspires us to become more innovative from one job to the next.