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Wispa is an innovative Advertising Agency in Sydney that can assist you to deliver your message through online advertising and internet marketing. Whether you need to develop rich media banners, conduct paid search online advertising or develop a strategic social media campaign, Wispa can help you to attract targeted customers for your business.

Online Adverting: worth it!

Online Advertising is economical, measurable, targeted: maybe you know how much you spend in a year for your marketing and advertising campaigns but do you know how much each of these can make you earns? Do you know how much do they worth it? With the online advertising you can check every action and determine if it worth it or not. Beside that online advertising is more economical anyway, the fact that you can check every campaign can help you to reduce your costs further. Let me show you some example:

WISPA: Advertising Agency Sydney

  • when you know that your banner in that website doesn’t take you enough visitors and that no one of them had turned into customers… you quit paying for that banner and you cut the costs of your online advertising;
  • when you know that your perspective customers are not interested in that specific range of keywords but are quite sensitive to that other range of keywords… you redirect your investment in online marketing in the more effective way;
  • when you know that some kind of website can bring traffic to yours and even if they are expansive they bring you visitors that can likely converted into customers… you may ask to yourself how much invest in that websites;
  • when you know exactly that this year your investment in SEO and online advertising have increased your business by a certain unexpected percentage… you just need to ask to yourself how much invest next year;

Here is a little table that can show the results of an whole online advertising campaign:

online adverting costs visitors conversion cost for conversion
web adversing website 1 1,000 1,000 10 100
web adversing website 2 3,000 1,000 10 300
email marketing 6,000 2,000 20 300
AdWords campaign 5,000 5,000 100 50
Other PPC campaign 3,500 3,500 100 35
SEO 10,000 20,000 1,000 10
Price Comparison 9,000 5,000 1,000 9

As you can see, when you have all these data it’s easy to decide in which online advertising campaign invest more.

WISPA: Advertising Agency Sydney

Why is so important Online Advertising in Sydney

Even in tougher moments of economic crisis Australian an New Zealand online customers are constantly relying on the online markets in order to find shopping alternatives. Also customers and users in Sydney are getting used to going online to research their purchases before buying in-store. It is reported by the ACRS (Australian Centre for Retail Studies) that up to one-half of consumers in Australia, did some online research before shopping in-store.
In this circumstances Online Advertising is the only key to emerge in a world (wide web) that has different rules that could be hard do understand from some kind of business. Online Advertising help us ask to ourself:

  • How well are your website advertised online?
  • Your users can easily find all the information they need in your site?
  • Is your web site easy to navigate?
  • How well are your informations grouped and displayed online?
  • Is your online advertising campaign leading to an attractive and involving experience for your users?
  • In your online advertising communication are you showing your informations in a way that they look attractive and inspirational?

WISPA: Advertising Agency Sydney