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Wispa: an innovative Online Marketing Agency in Sydney that will help you understand the dynamics and the secrets of the online marketing in order to move your business into another level: a levelof marketing where your investments and your returns are checked and optimized with the instruments of the online marketing and the technologies of the world wide web and the web 2.0.

How Online Marketing works

The purpose of Online Marketing is not only to bring visit to your site but also bring more clients to your business. It is better to be very careful with this. With SEO (Search Engin Optimization) you can sometimes easily improve the performances of your website with an exponential increase of visits, but contacts, sells and clients could increase only by a few amount. In this case you are wasting money with your online marketing campaign. SEO techniques instead must be considered just as tools of an whole online marketing strategy; sure the first step but not the last!

The purpose of Online Marketing

The easyest way to understand what shoul be the purpose of the online marketing is maybe to consider that you have built your web site and spent money in web development and web design for a specific purpose. Your site has a goal and it’s good never forget that. The purpose of Online Marketing is to pursue the real and deep goal of your web site: increase your contacts, boost your sales, find new customers and fidelize the old ones… at the end: develop your business with all the potentiality of the world wide web and the online markets.

Online Marketing in a nutshell

  • 1) Search Engine Optimization, Pay per click campaigns, web advertising, Price Comparison and so on… brings traffic to your site (for example, 100,000 new visitors per month);
  • 2) When your web site has enough visitors we can consider how to increase the percentage of visitors that convert into clients… so we must consider web design, web development, web usability, informational architecture, layout, tone of contents, copy, communication, some tipical online marketing strategies and some tipical offline marketing strategies…

Online Marketing is the engine of your Web Site

In the world wide web, in the online markets, your website is just one of bilions websites that everyday try to communicate and capture the attention of their customers. If we compare a website to a car the Online Marketing is the engine. Whitout online marketing the website doesn’t work!

Be Competitive online

When it’s time to be competitive Onlne Marketing is the key to be competitive in a very specific way that can optimize your advertising costs. In deed it is proven that online marketing is more economical than all of the other form of advertising you could ever use.

Online Marketing: economical, meauserable, targeted

Online Marketing is not only more economical because is cheaper than other forms of advertising. Online Marketing is economical because is targeted and meauserable:

  • targeted: when online marketing is dealed with professionality brings to your site only the visitors that can be potentially your customers. Maybe you can think it could be great to have the posibility to spread your message everywhere and to every person even if they are not interested to your products and services. What is to understand is that this could have a cost. Better targeting your campaign in order to optimize your costs, your investments and your returns.
  • meauserable: this is the most fascinating feature of the online marketing: when you invest on traditional adverting you rarely manage to know how much of your investment in that campaign has genereated on economic return. How much make you earn that billboard, that advertising campagin or that commercial? On an online marketing campaign you can be aware of the costs and the incomes of every of your online actions (seo campaigns, web advertising, pay per click, price comparison…). And when you are aware… you know exactly where is good to invest more and where is not.

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