Social Media Marketing Sydney

Wispa: an innovative Social Media Marketing Agency in Sydney that will help you understand the dynamics and the secrets of Social Media Marketing in order to move your business into level that you could hardly imagine before the revolution of the web 2.0. Check and optimize your costs, investments and returns with the strategies of the Social Media Marketing, take your brand to a new exposure and let the buzz bring you new opportunities.

Nowadays Online Marketing is Social

Internet is everchanging. Online Marketing professionals have just grappled the concept and the secret of the internet marketing as a new challenge has emerged: Social Media Marketing is a new opportunities for all industries yet active on the online marketing either for the new companies that decide now to invest in Internet having heard about great success in this.
Just a few years ago no one had ever heard about facebook, myspace, linkedin, youtube, slideshare, and other social bookmarking, social browsing, social network… Maybe some one has heard about blog and the most aware knew that blog could change the relationship between a company and its customers.
But just a few years ago “Social” were only forum, maybe newsletter.

Today we cannot deny that social media marketing could be the most essential factor of an whole strategic marketing campaign

What is Social Media Marketing

Tecnically speaking Social Media Marketing is just a branch of the Online Marketing, the branch that deal with Social Network and all other platforms of the Web 2.0. But this is just the ‘definition’ of Social Media Marketing. For your industry Social Media Marketing is a new revolution in the relationship with your customers: when Social Media Marketing is dealed with awareness it can take your business into new levels of growth and challenges. Let us explain why…

Why Social Media Marketing is different

When your business faces the challenge of a new Social Media Marketing campaign theare are a couple of thing that you may need to remember:

  • 1) You have no control on the Social Media Platform: you can pubblish your pages, your contents, you can make advertising campaigns on that platform… but you can’t control the ‘conversation’ that this will generate;
  • 2) Social Media are networks of people based on equal connections, 1:1 relationships. Social Media are conversations. For your business could mean the challenge of a new kind of communication between your company and your customers but also a new opportunity to listen and learn from your customers, get closer to them, fidelize them and reach new customers at a level that you could’t even imagine before.

Why invest in Social Media Marketing

Whatever is your business we encourage you to invest on some kind of Social Media Marketing in order to give you the opportunity of gainingnew level of exposure, contacts and sales. Every business is different and could need some kind of Social Network Exposure and some kind of Social Media Marketing.

But what is sure is that Social Media Marketing could spread your brand to the Wourld Wide Web of active and clever users.

Anyway here are some reasons to invest in Social Media Marketing:

  • You have something to say about your products and your services and want to listen what your perspective customers think about that when they discover your brand;
  • You want actively interact with your perspective customers;
  • You want to send a specific message to a specific target;
  • You want to know more about the features of your audience;
  • You have a great viral marketing idea or want to find one;
  • You want to build or manage your brand reputation;
  • You want to manage customer loyalty;
  • Generally speaking you intend to increase your sales, traffic, exposure.